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Key Facts Vineyard Facts

Our Vineyard is located on the shore of the B’jelike peterson dam which covers 2250ha with water when full, our summer mornings are usually layered in heavy fog that blankets the entire property often until 9am thus giving the vineyard at Bridgeman Downs Cellars a climate unique even amongst other vineyards located only several kilometres away.

South Burnett wineriesLocation Map coordinates: 26° 33′ S, 151 ° 51′ E

Located in the South Burnett region of Queensland, the colonial homestead and four hectares of vines overlook Lake Barambah and the Bjelke Petersen Reservoir.

The region is located two and a half hours north west of Brisbane and one and a half hours from the Sunshine Coast.

Elevation: 440m above sea level.

Soil: Soils in the South Burnett are described in ascending order as sandy (light sands) to a variety of red soils of light clay, through to brown and black clays and limestone.

Climate: The South Burnett can be classed as sub-tropical with long summers and and still receives winters with up to 30 frosts in a season.

Sunshine hours per day 8.5
Annual rainfall 780mm
Growing season rainfall 589mm
Mean January temperature 23.5°C

Bridgeman Downs Cellars - South Burnett